eCTD and NeeS Online Viewer, Validator and Compiler

eCTD & NeeS submissions lifecycle management

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eCTD and NeeS submissions management.
In use by EU government regulatory agencies.

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Core Features


eCTD & NeeS Reader

Full featured Reader which helps you to get overview over entire lifecycle of dossier containing eCTD and/or NeeS sequences, including baseline submissions while transferring from NeeS to eCTD.


eCTD & NeeS Validator

Realtime, fast sequence validator fully compliant with eCTD / NeeS technical specification, incl. best practices criteria. Latest version of eCTD validation criteria always updated, older versions available.


eCTD & NeeS Compiler

Get your documents compiled into eCTD compliant format. Use our eCTD compiler tool as a product, which allows you to compile yourself, or as a service - we compile for you on demand.

BeeCTD is a full-featured eCTD management solution for pharmaceutical companies and regulatory agencies.

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eCTD & NeeS Viewer

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eCTD & NeeS Validator and Uploader

You know that each eCTD submission package has to be compliant with ever-changing validation criteria given by EMA - European Medicine Agency.

Uncompliant submission will not pass through regulatory agencies validators, which will result into rejection of the submission and thus a delay in the registration process.

Our Validator is in use on both sides - regulatory agencies and pharmaceutical companies too, which means, you can fully rely on its results.

Web based

No software is needed. Validate your sequences directly in the browser, with no extra effort.

Drag & Drop

Just drag a folder containing your sequence and drop it into upload area.

Automatic pairing

Uploader pair sequences automatically with another ones of the same dossier.

Multiple upload

Upload as many sequences as you wish at once and then validate one by one.

Auto validation

Validator recognizes eCTD or NeeS sequence and runs appropriate validator.

Validation criteria

Validator always validated according to the newest validation criteria, but the older are available too.

PDF Export

Results are exportable into PDF format with an explanation and solution of each error.

Admin functions

Validation can be re-run or even manually marked as "passed" if an user have the appropriate permissions.

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About Us

We're IT and market research professionals, who's been on the market since 2006. We combine deep IT skills with longterm experience and strong knowledge of the pharmaceutical market. BeeCTD was developed for you, to make your regulatory affairs as easy as possible, since we know how precious your time is.

We're located in Bratislava, Prague and Budapest and provide our services in english, german, slovak, czech and hungarian. We cooperate not only with pharmaceutical companies, but with government regulatory agencies as well, which means we know the processes from both sides. Check our main company website at, send us an email or give us a call on +421 948 247 270.

Core Team

Michal Ferák -

Michal Ferák

product designer

Tomáš Sýkora -

Tomáš Sýkora

lead developer

Mária Šimková -

Mária Šimková

key account manager

Tomáš Mašek -

Tomáš Mašek

managing partner